Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Truth Behind Model Mayhem | How To Stay Safe

ModelMayhem is generally known as the MySpace spot for models, photographers, makeup artists and generally, perverts. The point of this blog is to educate the potential new members of ModelMayhem and also parents and concerned citizens in general.

ModelMayhem is much like MySpace in a sense that is targeted diretly at models, photographers and makeup artists. The idea behind it is interesting since it brings models and photographers together on the same ground where they can collaborate on projects together. The downfall behind it is the fact that perverts dwell among the photographers who in turn go after models and threaten their security. Since ModelMayhem allows nudity, many models display nude shots, much like

As a former user of Model Mayhem, here are some of tips for how to stay safe on Model Mayhem;

  • Always state (post this in your bio on your profile) that you are bringing an escort to the photoshoot. If you go alone and something horrible happens, it is no ones fault but your own for not having an escort at the photoshoot.

    Many photographers with strong portfolios on ModelMayhem say "NO ESCORTS ALLOWED" because they feel like the model will not be able to function if an escort (boyfriend, girlfriend, wife/husband, etc) is present। This is a trick and do not fall for !
    One of the most important tasks for a model, much like for an actor or actress is to be able to perform in front of large crowds, so make sure you don't get played by a pervert photographer who tells you that you are not allowed to bring an escort।

    - In May of 2008, a fetish model from Model Mayhem based in Florida was raped when she went to meet up with a photographer from Model Mayhem. The photographers references checked out, and at the time a makeup artist was also present who after completing the makeup part, left the premises. The photographer tied the model up for 'photo' but proceeded to rape her for hours instead. Had she had an escort, this would have never happened. The photographer may be in jail, but the emotional scar this model received will never fade away.

  • Watch out for male photographers acting flamboyantly and pretending to be gay. Many male photographers on Model Mayhem pretend to be gay in order to have female models lower their guard and drop the clothes easier. This is one of the sneakiest way to have your privacy and security invaded.

  • If a photographer out of the blue messages you and offers an extremely high paying photoshoot that sounds to good to be true, then it probably is. Consult right away with users on the Model Mayhem forum.

  • Assemble a contract that you will bring to all photoshoots and make the photographer sign it, if he/she is legit and professionaly set, he/she will also have a model release contract for you to sign as well. In this contract you need to clearly state to what happens to your images. Many models who do not do this risk of having their photos be sold for stock image cds that are sold for hundreds of dollars and also sell your photos to some who may use it in ways you would not agree with. You need to protect your images and make sure you do all of that in your contract. Many photographers tell the models that they're only using their photos for the portfolio but in reality and in some cases, the photos are sold and the models are never paid.

The person behind Model Mayhem is named Tyler Adam. This is not a professional web developer nor a model, rather a guy who bought the script to create ModelMayhem, this explains why the website is full of spyware, code leaks, and constant problems. The creator behind ModelMayhem has been exposed quite a few times by former users on ModelMayhem who said that Tyler messaged them offering roles in porn films. When the users declined, Tyler removed their accounts. shows two instances of pervert-like issues with ModelMayhem and its creator.

I have found the admin and moderators of model mayhem to be rude unprofessional adolescents. Acting more like kids who should be grounded by parents, than professionals who fix and solve problems of the website and it's members.

In most cases when contacting, their responses are putting the blame on the member. Rather than taking the time to check out the numerous flaws and functions that don't work on the website, they'd rather start an argument that their failures are something that your not doing right.

They seldom seem to read any of the information you include when contacting them. I've seen them reply asking for information that was included in a previous message to them.

I'm concerned there is no organization that monitors websites like these and tracks customer complaints, website issues & general problems with the functions of the site.

I hope others will avoid this listing (which is meant for photographers/models/make-up artists), but is a hopeless failure when compared with other similiar listings.


Model Mayhem Is A Total Scam, Tyler Is Pushing Porn! Tyler from Model mayhem tried to talk me into doing porn and when I didnt he deleted me off the site. When i first started modeling i joined this site modelmayhem. It was going ok at first, then Tyler from the site, started to creep me out with random comments, messages and innapropriateness. I shruged it off, wouldnt give him my number and when i wouldnt write him back about getting into adult works;shoots;video i found my page and my managers page deleted! Im one of numerous girls with the same story, i just wanted to get this out there!

---------- also offers another issue;

Model Mayhem
Pure scam!

Company information:
Model Mayhem
Tampa, Florida
United States

When i first started modeling i joined this site modelmayhem. It was going ok at first, then Tyler from the site, started to creep me out with random comments, messages and inappropriateness. I shrugged it off, wouldn't give him my number and when i wouldn't write him back about getting into adult works; shoots; video i found my page and my managers page deleted! I am one of numerous girls with the same story, i just wanted to get this out there!